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2018 Fiery Foods Show
We had so much fun at the
2018 30th National Fiery Foods Show!

Our chocolates are made
entirely by hand using only
the finest ingredients.
You can spend more
money on chocolates,
but you can't get a finer product
from a small, independent producer!

We truly appreciate your support. Enjoy!

                        ~ Tim and Larry

Looking for
Timmy Krack Korn Puffs?
Click here!
Timmy's Krack KornCheck out our review of our
Timmy Krack Korn from
The Hungry Baer!



April 14-15
Lubbock Arts Festival

Lubbock Memorial
Civic Center

FREE Shipping!of $25 Or More!~ Must be shipped to
the same USA address ~

Note: $3.00 will be added
for ICE PACKS from
May 1st to October 1st.

Timmy Krack Korn Puffs
& a selection of our Brittles

are now available
in the Albuquerque area at
Keller's Farm Stores
2 Locations:
2912 Eubank NE
(at Candelaria)

6100H Coors Blvd.
(at Montano Plaza)


6616 Gulton Ct. NE, Suite 60 • Albuquerque, NM 87109 • 5-zero-5 - 933 - 5I25