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Happy Valentines Day!! You will impress your sweetie with a box of our Sweets!

Our chocolates are made
entirely by hand using only
the finest ingredients.
You can spend more
money on chocolates,
but you can't get a finer product
from a small, independent producer!

We truly appreciate your support. Enjoy!

                        ~ Tim and Larry

Looking for
Timmy Krack Korn Puffs?
Click here!
Timmy's Krack KornCheck out our review of our
Timmy Krack Korn from
The Hungry Baer!


FREE Shipping!of $25 Or More!~ Must be shipped to
the same USA address ~

Note: $3.00 will be added
for ICE PACKS from
May 1st to October 1st.

Timmy Krack Korn Puffs
& a selection of our Brittles

are now available
in the Albuquerque area at
Keller's Farm Stores
2 Locations:
2912 Eubank NE
(at Candelaria)

6100H Coors Blvd.
(at Montano Plaza)


6616 Gulton Ct. NE, Suite 60 • Albuquerque, NM 87109 • 5-zero-5 - 933 - 5I25