Beat the Heat with a New Mexico Treat!

Original price was: $66.00.Current price is: $57.00.

For a limited time

we brought some of our favorites together

just in time for

Father’s Day, BBQ’s and

celebrations that kick off summer!




Summer is just starting to heat up…

Celebrate the sweetness of New Mexico Chile!

You get 3 spicy flavors:

Green Chile flavor of Timmy Krack Korn®

Red Chile flavor of Timmy Krack Korn®

NM Christmas flavor of Timmy Krack Korn®

Plus 3 spicy Nut Brittles:

Red Chile Peanut

Chile Pine Nut

Chipotle Cinnamon Pecan


We’re proud to use

New Mexico Certified Red and Green Chile

in our Timmy Krack Korn® and Nut Brittles.

Each flavor has been carefully crafted

to achieve a perfect blend of

sweetness and a touch of heat!